FPS Increase v 1.1


– Adapted for ATS 1.2
– Two configs WLNS + NLNS
– Reduced water fov
– Reduced mirror size
– Reduced shadow size
– Disabled pedistrians in both config
– Disabled console in both configs
– Other small changes
– Added CleanTemp for users of Windows 7

Author: BLiNKT


7 thoughts on “FPS Increase v 1.1

  1. Sorry but sort of new to this stuff, where do the other non-scs files go? What is the difference from NLNS & WLNS config files?

  2. @tbcalvin

    This is config files you must replace it in MyDocuments/American Truck Simulator
    but first make backup of old config

    NLNS –> no lights no sync
    WLNS –> with lights no sync

    1. Thanks BLiNKT for the info.

  3. This Is probably the best thing I have ever installed for a game ever. Thank you so so much dude -DTK_Beasty_L

  4. i cant use my lights help!

    1. never mind fixed it

  5. Is there a way to turn off the info at the top of the screen in game,,, the error log that is?

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