Honda S2000

Date 2017-12-22 17:07

– 2 different steering wheels
– 1 Spoiler
– 2 Bumpers
– 4 Rims
– Sound
– Real gauages (working)
– 4 different radio
– Cabin DLC
– AO for Interior
– 4 different hardtops
– Mirrors working
– and more..

Tested Version: 1.28.x
You can buy from Kenworth gallery.

AO : Berkay Pekesen
Models : Emircan Döndü / Yelkant Modacı / Fuat Aydoğdi
ETS2 Mod : trzpro (Emir Bardakçı)
ATS Convert: ataberkozen

ataberkozen / trzpro / Emircan Döndü / Yelkant Modacı / Fuat Aydoğdi / Berkay Pekesen


6 Responses to Honda S2000

  1. Coalrollerlbz

    Its says its an “CS” file..not sure what that is and it doesn’t show up…

    • Emmanuil

      Fixed, the administration replace the link

  2. Piepers


    • Zed

      Good one. Cars clearly don’t have any business in a trucking game, really.

      Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kei goes around begging because he doesn’t have a brain to educate himself. Just keep a watchful eye out for Kei.

  3. Emmanuil

    HD test video 1.29…

  4. johnnyboy

    just rename the ext file as scs instead of cs and it works

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