Holland Truck & Trailer Skin Pack

HOLLAND Skin Pack by HypeNut

This skin pack includes both Trucks & Trailers based off of the trucking company HOLLAND (USF HOLLAND), skins are a mix between the retro and modern styles.

Truck Skins – SCS Volvo 300, 730, 780 (2048 x 2048 pixels)
Trailer Skins – SCS Ownable Box Trailers (Only)
Game Version – Must have v1.32 or higher

This skin pack was designed for the original SCS Volvo trucks and original SCS Ownership trailers.




3 thoughts on “Holland Truck & Trailer Skin Pack

  1. Nice, but it crashes when you try to change the rear doors…. :(

  2. I love this. Would be interested in seeing a matching Reddaway version, but this will do.

  3. Fixed the crash problem in the latest version called (Project Freight) for v1.35.1.3 of the game and Tavi959 will see what an do in later versions.

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