Holland Freight


Headquarters in Holland, Mich. Holland Freight provides full-state regional delivery in 12 states and 2 provinces: Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kentucky; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; North Carolina; Ohio; South Carolina; Tennessee; Wisconsin; and Ontario; Quebec, Canada



16 thoughts on “Holland Freight

  1. Love the colour Fid

  2. Thanks man….it’s not a bad orange it’s as close as I could get to the original ….

  3. I like your skins – how about some California or Nevada based companies?

    1. Yeh no probs I’ll sort some our any particular truck?

      1. Thanks! I’d like to see them for the VNL ;)

        1. ok leave it with me ill sort a few out over the next few days

  4. Great as always!

    1. Thanks Stavros!….

  5. What happened to your RH Transport skin, its not findable ??

    1. Hi James RH is my virtual trucking company skin which i use on my fleet trucks so its not a skin for sharing ..if you like it i have no objections to you using it ? let me know either way mate.

  6. I sent an email address to your truck skin site. don’t matter either way

    1. ok link sent mate let me know if its the right one :)

      1. It was the one I wanted thanks again

        1. your welcome James….

  7. Mooi gedaan kerel

    1. graag gedaan :)

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