9 thoughts on “AMST, Inc

  1. Nice color for this mod I like it also cause you made it. Do you know if Dave is working on any trailers you made truck skins for?

    1. Arnold trailer is done and uploaded. :) It should be available Saturday morning if not before. It pairs with Fid’s Kenworth T680 Arnold truck skin.

  2. Hiya mate im not sure what Dave is doing right now, but my guess is if he sees a truck skin i do and he likes it he will most likely do a trailer for it so fingers crossed :)

    1. thank you for the email reply. keep on skinnin

    2. lol I been lookin at ’em. The truck skins I mean. Takin a break atm. Had a really rough week at work this week getting a project done so I been wore slap out. :) I got a running list of ideas goin though. Just not sure what im gonna skin next. I was thinking maybe Arnold trailer. I also wanna do a Bridgestone combo with my trailer…thinkin of doin daycab peterbilt.

      1. btw all them truck skins lookin great u been spittin out :)

        1. All but 1 this week :) ..cheers Dave……but yeh looking forward to more of your work man…..

          1. well I got the Arnold trailer started. lookin good so far. i hope to post it up tomorrow if time goes good today.

  3. hello from Texas now for a tail of wowsers—
    Now we can’t let the hard workin folk be overtaxed for just a truckin game now can we? Its pretty bad when I a nonworkin folk make a job out of a game just to stay busy and never get wore out cause been sittin all day. Life to me is like picture this, me sittin in a rockin chair, laptop sittin on my lap,pressin buttons and moving my mouse, and yankin the steerin wheel to the left cause I just about drove off into a ditch full of make believe water,cause i fell asleep, and cussin cause i tipped over my drink, spilled it on to the extension cord which popped a fuse on the house and all hell came to a sudden hault !!!!. This truckin tail could go on for ever–but a folk gets pretty thirsty when reality comes back into play, for now I got to get up , get back to simmin my lifes work away cause i need POWER reset to make it all w o r k. bye and keep em commin so I can keep em runnin.

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