GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016

Kenworth-T800-1 Kenworth-T800-2 Kenworth-T800-3

Changelog 0.1->0.2
– Hoods and their respectible tuning parts are now visible properly in the interior view
– Added interior models for hood mirrors
– Truck_desktop works properly, so you may use “Truck configurator” ingame now
– Fixed issue with sleeper cab’s exhaust “clipping” by reworking exhaust and battery box models
– Reduced width of wheels slightly, they now stick inside fenders as they should
– Added 2 new tuning nodes for future updates
– Added 2 small tuning parts for Daycab

Authors: GT-Mike, SCS-Software, Friend from Kenworth dealership


15 thoughts on “GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016

  1. Thx GT Mick

  2. Looks good but maybe update the engine sounds. The stock sounds just don’t sound good.

  3. Realy+good+job+but+would+it+be+possible+to+add+more+custom+stuff+as+bumper+pole,+bumper+lights+and+so+on+?+Thank+you.

  4. The engine sound is perfect !
    An idea: need two interior sound power:1-open wondow, 2 close window.
    I can activated it on keyboard.
    You are a genius.

    1. Are you serious??
      The SCS default sound sucks, and it’s the same sound for this truck.
      I’ll wait until Kriechbaum or anyone else will make a new sound for this truck.

  5. Does this truck come with a template?

    1. kenworth w900 template will work for this :)

  6. Amazing…just amazing mod/truck


    Sorry for my ignorance, but is this just an add on to an already existing truck mod or does this mod include the truck + GT mods. Thanks.

  8. I’m+sorry+to+have+to+say+that+GT+Mike+and+others,+especially+friends+from+”Kenvorth+dilership”+real+circus+presenting+a+clone+of+the+truck+t800.+You+could+together-in-hand+with+those+of+the+ETS+2+Moder+who+make+clones+for+multi+player.+It+is+interesting+to+attempt+to+mod+W900+original+ATS+models+grafted+T800+and+to+one+version+W900+call+version+of+the+T800.+That+goes+for+young+children,+but+with+real+enthusiasts+causes+the+least+astonishment,+if+not+outrage+at+the+apparent+disregard+of+the+original+factory+model.+In+addition+to+the+realization+of+the+garage+dilership,+shows+your+inability+to+push+through+mode+and+stable.+I+skins+show+that+you+are+in+fact+masked+model+W900.+Funny+and+tragic+at+the+same+time.+I+was+disappointed+in+you,+especially+GT-Mike,+you’re+better+with+mods+for+TDU+and+TDU2.

  9. I’m sorry to have to say that GT Mike and others, especially friends from ” Kenworth dealership ” real circus presenting a clone of the truck T 800. You could together-in-hand with those of the ETS 2 moders who make clones for multi player. It is interesting to attempt to mod W 900 original ATS models grafted T 800 and to one version W 900 call version of the T 800. That goes for young children, but with real enthusiasts causes the least astonishment, if not outrage at the apparent disregard of the original factory model. In addition to the realization of the garage dealership, shows your inability to push through mode and stable. I skins show that you are in fact masked model W 900. Funny and tragic at the same time. I was disappointed in you, especially GT-Mike, you’re better with mods for TDU and TDU 2.

    1. This mod is a very early beta stage and it wasn’t meant to go public at all.
      If you took some time to research you would find the forum topic which describes how this mod is done. Yes it’s a clone of the W900 modified with new parts.

      This mod is not made by a pro, but by enthusiast – don’t like it, don’t use it. It’s as simple as that. Many people still seem to enjoy it. But apparently you are a pro-modder and can make a better one, so please do, I will be more than happy to test it and see what I have done wrong.

      Sorry to dissappoint you though. On the other hand I never made a single mod for TDU or TDU2 so you’re confusing me with someone else.

      1. I’m sorry I was not able to answer you GT-Mike before, but I had a car accident and I was a long time in the hospital. My accident -I was the passenger. Ha, ha. But this aside, I wrote what I did not mean to underestimate your work, on the contrary, I want to persevere in that mode bring to end completely. I usually love this truck and I drove a long time Crichbaum v2.1 final T800. Your mode is not bad, but you have to dress to get it right. He needs beacons,should a full fenders, should it mirrors that are 100% functional. When I say mirrors, then I think the supporting arm angle mirrors must not be less than 40 degrees to the door, looking from the front of the truck. The small mirror under the same rear-view mirror must operate separately from the great. This is no small thing, especially for enthusiasts,
        as they seek perfection. It is also important for drivers, because they want to see behind and to the side of the truck when you fit in traffic or when you are in the intersection. I wish I would have accepted my suggestion, because they
        are really well-intentioned, but as far as the TDU and TDU 2 there really has something with your nickname, and not bad moder.
        Stay healthy and happy new year.

  10. Snakedoctor

    Very Nice truck, love it, my only request is if it’s going to remain in quick jobs please put a default hood on it. It shows up in quick jobs (and on the selected job) with no hood. Otherwise great truck.

  11. I’m+sorry+I+was+not+able+to+answer+you+before,+but+I+had+a+car+accident+and+I+was+a+long+time+in+the+hospital.+My+accident+-I+was+the+passenger.+Ha,+ha.+But+this+aside,+I+wrote+what+I+did+not+mean+to+underestimate+your+work,+on+the+contrary,+I+want+to+persevere+in+that+mode+bring+to+end+completely.+I+usually+love+this+truck+and+I+drove+a+long+time+Crichbaum+v2.1+final+T800.+Your+mode+is+not+bad,+but+you+have+to

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