Concept Truck Flight of Fantasy BETA [REL]

Flight-of-Fantasy-1 Flight-of-Fantasy-2

This track you will never see on the roads, only in the virtual world SCS
Dealer Kenworth
There are templates for the 2 and 3 channels.
Rear View Camera operates at switching on left mirror on F2 (second click). When the automatic transmission is switched on automatically when reverse gear,
with manual transmission is activated emergency gang.. The camera on the bumper is turned off in the ui / gps_concept.sii script name in the group: RightMirror
change coords_t: 90 on coords_t: 0.
There is a collision 5 wheels.
The two parts of the archive, do not forget to connect the two
Enjoy the trip.
Game version: 1.2.x

Authors: alexart247, dmitry68

DOWNLOAD 201 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 201 MB [Uploadfiles]

25 thoughts on “Concept Truck Flight of Fantasy BETA [REL]

  1. pieter bas

    hi alexart247, dmitry68,

    this truck is really wonderful i love it !!!!!!!!!

    could you maybe make different chassis like tandem or something

  2. Justadude

    Wow. I was skeptical when I saw this. Fantasy truck? Must be some low-quality junk. I am positively disappointed.

    The truck itself is great, and quality work. The mask and bits of the chassis needs a bit of polishing, but it’s pretty solid in its present state as well. The interior is great as well, and the idea of the digital dashboard, mirrors and reverse camera are awesome, though they need a bit of improvements.

    The things that need improvement IMO:
    – the screen on the center console needs a bit of rethinking. It shows the mirrors and the GPS at the same time, without any kind of borders to separate them, which looks a bit unrefined
    – the reverse camera doesn’t work for me, it shows a fixed picture regardless the truck’s movement
    – the design of the dashboard is neat, though it needs a bit of improvement since the numbers and gauges look a bit low-res with blurry/jagged edges
    – the digital mirrors screens are a bit dark, look like if they were made of smoked glass
    – better sounds would be awesome (e.g. Kriechbaum’s, if he’s OK with it)
    – some more tuning options (though those would only be the icing on the cake)

    As I said, apart from these the truck is really great and creative, I’m prettyamazed. I’ve never been interested in fantasy trucks, but this one has a great potential in it. I very much hope it’ll be regularly updated. Great job!

    1. muhammad arslan

      hello sir.. i have downloaded truck mode.and did there are showing two files.and i pasted both files in mode.afterthis i have started game, and selctted mode.but when i go on kenworth truck dealier , game suddently closes and on laptop screen it shows error.. now kindly tel me what will b the solution of this error issuue and please tell me what this line means
      (The two parts of the archive, do not forget to connect the two)

      1. Justadude

        Just put both .scs files in the mod folder, then activate them in the mod manager. Let the main file have the higher priority while the one called “part2” (or something like that) goes directly below it. It worked this way for me, but if your game still crashes it’s most likely because of some other mod(s) colliding with this one.

    2. From dmitry68 no bad mods! Do not forget – this is beta! Oh, and the sound most likely will not – Kriechbaum do not want to do…

  3. I’m+surprised+that+this+is+a+$+10+camera+has+not+occurred+to+the+car+factories.

  4. Karl Albert Leschonski

    Man, what a great job !! Really you are to be congratulated!
    Very good maneuverability and visibility, very good GPS and mirrors together!


  5. !!!!!!! virus in part II !!!!!!

    1. I ran it through my virus program (Kaspersky) and it showed clean, you may be getting a false positive on it. The truck itself is pretty sweet, I hope more accessories are put in there though, the extras are very few at this stage.

      1. Justadude

        Sadly Avast found a virus in it too.

      2. no false positive … Virus in part 2 …. !!!!

  6. muhammad arslan

    i m using ver 0.9.3 right now can u tell mey how2 up date game ver


  7. Great job, sound ok for a concept truck,please no kriechbaum “turbo” sound
    Super !!!

  8. Very accelent job man,love the truck .i`ts lmost if you drive a bullet train..Hopely for more future trucks that u can make..

    1. muhammad arslan

      lucky82 bro plz tell me how update ats my ver is 0.9.3

  9. Sean Tello

    The truck is really well modeled, but there is a collision where the fifth wheel is

  10. It’s be better if the headlights, grill, and taillights looked more futuristic, those look old school

  11. Also, if possible, have the backup camera pop up when you go into reverse as well.

  12. Just noticed, the turn signal stalk goes the wrong way, it goes up wen the left indicator is activated. Also, make the mirrors brighter, hard to ee at night

  13. xx_kai_xx


  14. The two parts of the archive, do not forget to connect the two ….. how to do that? can any one help me ..

  15. This is+nice+maybe+we+can+come+up+with+Virtual+trucks+I+have+some+ideas+but+not+sure+how+to+make+them+for+the+game,+I+could+send+some+drawings…+I+like+what+I+see…+Would+you+mind+if+I+use+this+in+the+game.

  16. There is a lot of empty space on the dashboard that could be put to good use. I agree with the dark mirrors. i like the sound. A modern truck should drive without the screaming noise of the old trucks in the cab. I see a lot of great potential here. Would love to see it finished. It is a bit too inexpensive for my tastes when compared to the other trucks.

  17. ne marche pas.

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