GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016 Beta v 0.5.1

Kenworth-T800-1 Kenworth-T800-2 Kenworth-T800-3

Warning! Mod works only on 1.3.x version of ATS. It will crash on 1.2.x or lower.
If you’re using previous version, you need to sell your T800 before updating.

Images for preview only, do not resemble ingame model, which has been updated multiple times now.

This is still an early beta stage of this mod. It may contain bugs and errors.

Yeah, yeah I know – this is yet another Kenworth T800 mod. This one is meant to be the 2015/2016 model which in real life reuses parts from W900 and exactly the same is done here.
This mod reuses as many parts from the SCS Kenworth W900 as possible, this way you get an SCS quality (hopefully) Kenworth T800.

And a feature list of current beta version 0.5.1:
-Truck is built in a similar to official SCS DLC manner
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Kenworth dealership
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Quick Jobs
-7 cabin types
-7 chasis types
-Each chasis can have multiple fueltanks variants installed (purely cosmetic)
-4 types of hoods
-Each hood has tuning parts fitted for it
-All new propper tuning parts
-Many tuning parts adapted from W900

Known issues:
-if you find anything please inform me in this thread

To do list:
-more fueltanks and fueltanks rework
-more exhausts and exhaust rework
-more rear fenders
-possibly 5 new chasis variants

-more bullbars and bullbar rework
-more cab roof accessories
-more front bumpers (because 32 is not enuff!! :mrgreen: )

-more sunvisors
-more hood deflectors
-more backcab addons (logging/headache racks + some top secret specials ;) )
-general rework of parts visible (or the ones that should be visible) in interior view

-general fixing and polishing

Changelog 0.1->0.2
-hoods and their respectible tuning parts are now visible properly in the interior view
-added interior models for hood mirrors
-truck_desktop works properly, so you may use “Truck configurator” ingame now
-fixed issue with sleeper cab’s exhaust “clipping” by reworking exhaust and battery box models
-reduced width of wheels slightly, they now stick inside fenders as they should
-added 2 new tuning nodes for future updates
-added 2 small tuning parts for Daycab

Changelog 0.2->0.2.5
-finally fixed the “missing parts” issue for the Kenworth Dealership, also Quick Jobs trucks should work fine now
-added the most important part for the T800 – beacons :mrgreen:
-added new “bullbar” accessory, which is beacon lights underneath the bumper (this still needs some work)
-added first “behindcab” (yaaay random names :P) accessory which is logging rack for the Daycab

Changelog 0.2.5->0.3
-added 2 more chasis models: 4×2 and 6×4 medium
-hood shadows fixed
-mapped hoods, created skinning templates for hoods
-splitted hoods and grills
-grills are now a separate tuning part
-rear fenders are now a separate tuning part
-fueltanks with rear fenders removed!

Changelog 0.3->0.3.1
-fixed hood mapping and redone hood skinning templates (special thanks to Hounddog for his high quality skins which made it alot easier ;) )

Changelog 0.3.1->0.3.3
-added manifest file to the mod
-fixed “redundant wheel accessory” error
-fixed “sanitised shadow” error
-fixed missing mudflaps on 4×2 and 6×4 medium chasis
-fixed identical fueltank models bug
-fixed an issue with quick jobs daycab truck displaying parts from sleeper cabs
-fixed “missing mat file” error in truck browser
-updated camera files for maximum compatibility
-added compatibility for advanced trailer coupling

Changelog 0.3.3->0.4->0.5
-updated def files to work with ATS 1.3
-fixed errors caused by installing wide hood
-removed “Aero Cab” instead you may get a 72″ cab and a separate “Full Aero Kit” Spoiler
-added 5 new cabs
-added “aerokit” accessory which adds spoilers to all cabs
-reworked mapping on all cabins for easier and more intuitive skinning
-removed old front bumper models
-added 32 new front bumper options with optimised models
-added new hood: “Modified High Hood” and assigned all parts
-fixed strange reflection on high hood grill by changing the grill to a more detailed one
-changed hood mirror models on high hoods
-rear fenders are now fully optional
-reworked and optimised rear mudflaps models
-added N mudflap models to use with custom rear fendrs or without rear fenders
-fixed minor interior issue with some parts not displaying properly
-added compatibility with interior addons
-added interior models for all cabins
-added external interior for all cabins
-fixed and updated collision models
-completely reworked main truck model variants for easier organisation
-reworked chasis def files and all corresponding def files

Changelog 0.5->0.5.1
-added new models for sideflares to all cabs
-fixed interior issues with 38″ and 63″ sleepers
-fixed shadow models for sleeper cabs
-fixed crash when choosing 8×4 or 8×6 chasis
-fixed position of exterior nodes for interior addons

Authors: GT-Mike, SCS Software


27 thoughts on “GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016 Beta v 0.5.1

  1. Mateus Martins

    is there its own interior ?

    1. Justadude

      Yes, and no. It almos entirely uses the W900’s interior made by SCS, but that’s authentic, since the two trucks’ interiors are practically identical IRL. The only difference you can notice is the different dashboard computer, which is absolutely authentic on this truck. The SCS W900 uses the same unrealistic white on black design as the T680 and 579, while this truck has the authentic green on green version.


    This is a wonderful mod, does not effect frame rate at all, lots of tuning accessories, beautiful looking truck, and only 15mb download, great work GT-Mike, thanks a million. Help SCS put a beacon accessory for their trucks GT-Mike, LOL.

  3. Beautiful mod and I cant wait to see more done to it! I couldn’t exactly tell from your future update list but will you be making the necessary parts and chassis to create the T800’s that are used in the oilfields like this one:
    (note special things are the extremely heavy and modified front bumper with winch point, custom headache rack with heavy winch, raised chassis with roller rear bumper for lifting front load trailers with the winch etc…)


      Check mods list there’s a engine pack for this beauty
      Engine Sound Pack GTMods T800 V2.1

  5. Camren Restoule

    Hi i can’t seem to get this to work in my game, I do have the 1.3 beta version and the mod at the highest priority.
    1. I drop it into the mod folder
    2. I activate it
    3. I load it threw “View All Trucks”
    4. The entire front end is missing and the game crashes shortly after.
    Help! I absolutely love this truck.

    1. Justadude

      The missing front end is not a bug, it’s intentional (took me a while to figure it out too). You need to choose a hood type when customizing the truck at the dealer. The front is missing until you choose one of them. The crash is another story though, it might be due to some conflict with another mod.

  6. i+cant+get+mine+to+work+i+sold+all+of+my+other+ones,+but+dumb+question,+where+do+i+get+the+1.3+version??

  7. my game crash when i go to kenworth dealer.. what am i suppose to do? does somebody have same proleme and know how to fix it ?

  8. KontiovaaranJuhani

    This one is much better that GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016.

  9. i love the mod but the motor sound is the crappy sound from scs, you should use the oddfellow sounds…

      1. thanks dude! now its perfect! cheers!

  10. flumzbman

    please fix the truck for open gl users

  11. Smoke stack light ‘in ?

  12. doesn’t work on Mac

  13. Great mod I like it so much, but would be possible to add a beacon light to the truck as the previous T800 model by dmitry68, Stels, oq37. Please

    Also I’d like to know if it’s possible to add this kind of windbreakers back to the cabin and the exhausts to the daycab model like the pic below

    And just another thing, if can be added an acrylic bug shield like this to the model

    Thanks for any help

  14. Oh excuse me I got condused with the previous post so I had the previous version of this model without beacon lights, now it is great, thank you so much.

    But I still want to know if it’s possible to add this kind of aero kit (without the superior windbreaker) behind the exhaust and the cabin like the pic

    And just if can be added an acrylic (black) bug shield like this to the model
    Thanks again.

  15. GallegoBlack

    i don’t find the Mod in the Mod Gestor… and i have the 1.3.1 version

  16. RomanianTrucker07

    Is there Any way i can get a template for this truck

    1. Nascar_Perry

      I’m looking for this myself

  17. Needs a default hood for quick jobs, actually needs a default hood period make changing hoods an option, otherwise great MOD I love it.

  18. New parts of tuning(engine hood) dont have shadows.

  19. midnight rider

    is this being updated for 1.4 at all

  20. i+have+a+mac+and+i+really+want+this+truck+but+everytime+i+go+to+buy+it+it+crashes

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