Full Save Game ATS 1.37 (Free DLC) MpMods

– Version 1.37 support
– Your Money : 999,999,930,368
– Level 1000
– Garage Count : 15 (All Garages)
– Driver Count : All Driver
– Support All Truck DLC
– Support Arizona DLC
– Support Nevada DLC

Move the 4D504D4F445320 folder to the following path
X:DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatorprofiles



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5 thoughts on “Full Save Game ATS 1.37 (Free DLC) MpMods

  1. crashingbill001

    Thx man, but who is playing ATS without DLC or other extensions…..?

    1. You tell me :)

  2. hey, how is to install

    1. Drop the 4D504D4F44532046554C4C folder in the path below

      C:\Documents\American Truck Simulator\profiles

  3. I have the pirated version, it tells me DLC Missing. What should I do?

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