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Noches Estrelladas (Updated) 1.37

Date 2020-05-17 15:06

Noches Estrelladas for ATS 1.3.7

Are you bored with a night drive?

Noches Estrelladas for ATS 1.3.7 replaces the night sky textures with high resolution alternatives made from real astrophotography
(no other textures and sii file are affected, it is only night sky textures)

Tested on ATA ver1.37
but SSM only replaces the textures, so it may work with other versions

I hope you enjoy night drive

Source of photo:
NASA Image and Video Library(https://images.nasa.gov/)

Please don’t upload to any other site.

Credits: SCS SoftWare, Traviesoman



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  1. Hello!
    Compatible with Brutal Realistic Weather, or crushed mod?

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