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Full Mod Single & Tolvas Heil

Date 2018-11-09 10:22

Mod Actualizado al ATS 1.32.X

In this occasion I share with you this mod of hoppers, the mod to choose in trailer and double trailer.
This trailer is adapted from 18 wheels haulin.

Obeja, Ido Zoni


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5 Responses to Full Mod Single & Tolvas Heil

  1. Sinterklaas

    don`t work ?

  2. dan

    You forgot to do something. This trailer does NOT show in the trailer browser or in the freight market.
    You really need to fix this ASAP.
    Don’t know about anyone else, I use these a lot.
    They are a fun haul and a challenge when pulling doubles.
    FIX IT!

  3. Borrachomx

    so that the full aparesca you have to sleep first 24 hours and you will see that if they leave list of works

  4. Works for me and it shows in the browser.

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