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The perfect starting truck for ATS.

Sliipais has created a great edit to Odd_fellow’s Freightliner FLB mod, giving it a ‘used’ look. Sadly, this mod was no longer supported, e. g. mirrors were all black.
Thankfully, AlexeyP has fixed Odd_fellow’s version of this mod, which has allowed me to combine the two.

– AlexeyP has fixed this mod: Fifth wheel, errors & mirrors
– Sliipais has improved this mod
– Odd_fellow has converted this truck to ATS


unlock level 24 for unknown reasons

18 WoS ET2 authors: SCS Software Convert to ETS2, interior and exterior: odd_fellow Sound authors: odd_fellow (few sounds are Kriechbaum’s) Wheels: ventyres Rework: vitalik062, sliipais edition Fixes: AlexeyP


52 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB

  1. 237mb…###, why is this needed? this can not be right…

  2. Cool truck, love it and it works like a charm.



    Nice truck but no Advanced Coupling :-(

  4. starting truck but unlocks in 24 level… thanks anyway for your work.

  5. wheels revert to fallback anytime you enter the shop. engine brake sounds are terrible (seriously, sounds like banging pots together) but hey, we have a working FLB in 1.5 that can be improved.

    For Future updates (if any) a clean, not trashed interior would be nice, ability to choose “new” mudflaps, and my number one issue, the sounds are badly in need of attention.

    1. The fix for the mirrors and other stuff can be applied also to Solaris’ version of this truck if you want a clean look. I wish myself that the two mods could be combined for one big mod of selectable worn/clean look in 4×2 and 6×4, but I was unable to determine how to do that myself.

      1. I have no idea why Solaris’s FLB was causing crashes in 1.5 and I wouldn’t begin to know where to look sadly.

        1. There’s a version of it available that works in the latest ETS2 version, and thus can be converted to ATS. It has the “black mirror” problem though that this one fixes.

  6. Very nice truck. It was an easy fix to get it to unlock at level 1, and I added Advanced Trailer Coupling to the model. Now this baby has a place in my fleet. Going to paint her in my fleet colors today :)

    1. How exactly?
      I was unable to find the part which unlocks at level 24.
      Thank you.

      – BS1

      1. The part which makes it lvl 24 are the #### rims it is presented with in the dealer, ergo the unlock lvl at 24 as they are choosen as “standard” rims for the truck. if you are able to change it, please explain here which file and how you did it m8 :)

      2. i belive that the fault is here: “1|rear_disc_01_legacy|rear_hub_01|rear_nuts_02_steel|rear_hub_cover_03_legacy”
        rear_rims_conversion[] under (rim_data.sii
        Ijust dont know what to do to make it work?

        1. Yup. You are on the right track. Now change that to:

          rear_rims_conversion[]: “1|rear_disc_steel|rear_hub_01|rear_nuts_02_steel|rear_hub_cover_01”

          And all should be well :)

          1. in which sii file is it? i cannot find it… thank you

        2. I forgot to mention – that will make the truck level 6 instead of 24, but most folks are well past 6 before they are able to afford a truck anyway. But 6 puts it well in reach of someone for using this as a starter truck.

          On that line, BTW, those values are simply the filenames of the sii files, so basically I changed it to rear_disc_steel which tells the game to use rear_disc_steel.sii which unlocks at 0. The catch was the rear hub cover – rear_hub_cover_01 – which uses rear_hub_cover_01.sii and is the lowest level one but unlocks at 6.

          1. Fantastic and thx m8!

          2. Absolutely! Sorry it took so long to reply, but I am streaming all day today and doing some modding tutorials, so feel free to look me up on Twitch (also under name Faelandaea) and ask any questions there if you have any issues.

          3. i have already pushed “follow” on twitter… however it still does not solve the problem for me, i’ve changed the rim data sii as you said, but still the same result with lvl 24, i did however notice that there also are a front rim that says legacy? is that also supposed to be adjusted?

          4. i changed the line like you said, but the truck is still on level 24

    2. how did you get advance coupling to work

    3. FRANK_WOT

      Care to upload the Advanced COupling fix for this truck?

      1. FRANK_WOT


  7. Overall a good mod. Engine brake sounds are terrible though. Sounds like banging pots together.

    For future updates some good options would be “new” mud flaps and interior options.

    1. gotta love the system not showing posts and you thinking your post didn’t go through. -facepalm-

      1. Have you figured out hos to change the unlock or Are you already above lvl 24?

  8. The game crashes every time I try to buy it from the dealership. Help?

  9. For update I think it would be cool to have long frame

  10. Game crashes after purchasing, help?

  11. Review of the truck working. Log has some errors in it still relating to cameras, but since I use Track IR, I ignored those and didn’t bother doing anything with them.

    Well done on the truck, BTW. Handles beautiful, the sounds are absolutely outstanding, and she was awesome to paint thanks to that template that was included :)

  12. great truck but crashes the moment I click drive with it, any ideas to solve this problem??

    1. That’s a conflict you have with another mod.

      1. Still not able to use the truck despite your file and Help, and thx for that. It is still locked to lvl 24. Is it correct to just override with your file and then repack with WinRAR and then activate mod?

      2. turbodiesel

        I have disabled all mods and this one alone still crashes the entire game when I go to customize config or try to purchase. Please help

  13. i+am+having+the+same+problem+are+you+on+a+mac

  14. it still doesnt work on my mac. crashes every time like slippas previous flb

  15. _Classic_


  16. would love to be able to use this as my first truck as im only at level 8 but cant edit the file to unlock it looks a great truck

    1. FRANK_WOT

      Download and use this fix. Activate after the truck mod:

      1. First of all: Thank you for the fix, Frank!

        However I have found a problem: the 6×4 chassis dissapears if you activate it. (Not unavailable because of the level restriction, but dissapears.) Workarund: Activate the fix, buy the truck, save, deactivate the fix, upgrade the chassis. Of course this is costs a little more money and I don’t know what happens with the already purchased 6×4 chassis if you use the same trick to buy a second truck for your fleet.

        1. Okay, the “workaround” delete the already bought 6×4 chasis.

    2. Quoting Faelandaea:
      “On that line, BTW, those values are simply the filenames of the sii files, so basically I changed it to rear_disc_steel which tells the game to use rear_disc_steel.sii which unlocks at 0. The catch was the rear hub cover – rear_hub_cover_01 – which uses rear_hub_cover_01.sii and is the lowest level one but unlocks at 6.”

      – BS1, the uploader of this file who was unable to change this himself :D

  17. Gameplayhd2015

    Video with this amazing truck:

    1. With the LVL24 bug.

      1. Err… This meant to be a question. But I checked in the meantime, the version uploaded to the Steam does not have the “Level 24” bug and the 6×4 chasis is also available.

  18. Fr8shkr86


  19. Why is it on Steam, why not download on this page, everything is together then, sheeeeeesh.

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