Freighliner FLB Fixed


– Standalone
– Found at Kenworth Dealer
– Interior
– Interior Light
– Sound
– Wheels
– 3 Cabin Features
– Fixed Headlights

Authors: SCS Software, odd_fellow, Mrtheflashback


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11 thoughts on “Freighliner FLB Fixed

  1. John Cartwright

    Hi i made a video of the mod! its very very very good btw …. the mod that is lol one of my all time favorate mods

  2. dude from 188 MB to 496 MB?? how that happened?

    1. doge_lorde

      this takes 100000 hours to download. .-. pls make smaller

      1. he didn’t zipped/rar’ed this one

  3. Activation of board computer make crash to desktop. :(

  4. Pablo Reyes Montero

    Las luces se encienden, pero no alumbran

    1. I will just take the liberty to translate his comment.

      “The lights turn on, but do not shine”

  5. Pressing “i” crashes the game.

  6. I like to have accessories for the truck please !
    Known problems: pressing “i” crashes the game !

  7. I am playing on Macbook pro it keeps crashing for me i can see it in the dealership but when i purchase or try to customize configuration it crashes the whole game?? please help!

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