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Freighliner FLB Fixed

Date 2016-02-02 19:37


– Standalone
– Found at Kenworth Dealer
– Interior
– Interior Light
– Sound
– Wheels
– 3 Cabin Features
– Fixed Headlights

Authors: SCS Software, odd_fellow, Mrtheflashback


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11 Responses to Freighliner FLB Fixed

  1. John Cartwright

    Hi i made a video of the mod! its very very very good btw …. the mod that is lol one of my all time favorate mods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivO5yKKIGfE

  2. Dr_Jaymz

    dude from 188 MB to 496 MB?? how that happened?

  3. Rene-Gad

    Activation of board computer make crash to desktop. :(

  4. Pablo Reyes Montero

    Las luces se encienden, pero no alumbran

    • Ledian

      I will just take the liberty to translate his comment.

      “The lights turn on, but do not shine”

  5. Alex

    Pressing “i” crashes the game.

  6. r199

    I like to have accessories for the truck please !
    Known problems: pressing “i” crashes the game !

  7. Fiks

    I am playing on Macbook pro it keeps crashing for me i can see it in the dealership but when i purchase or try to customize configuration it crashes the whole game?? please help!

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