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4 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB CTL Transportation

  1. AshTheBarron

    Nice looking truck

  2. Dr. Richard Heade

    A brilliant reskin, rusty, paint chipped, weathered, just like a workhorse should look like after years on the road, thank you very much, more please !!!!!

  3. Thanks for your feedback . I’m glad if you like it . If such skins are interested, I will make more .

    1. That is a great looking skin sliipais!

      I started my driving career with CTL Transportation and a year later transferred to CT Transportation and drove there until I moved to Australia a few years ago. My dad still drives for CT.

      Any chance you could make a modern CT Transportation skin for the Mack Pinnacle?
      I have pictures of my old truck or my dads truck if you need them for reference. he has a Pinnacle and I had a Prostar.

      Again, great work on the CTL skin. Brings back memories of using the old CTL trucks in their CDL class.

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