Freightliner Coronado v1.45.3.16

– Standalone truck
– Cabin
– Interior
– Own Sound
– Lots of Engine HP to choose from
– Chassis Variants
– lots of tuning
– Cables are working
– Accessories present

Compatible with ATS 1.45x

Initial model from DB3 (rignroll model)
GTS envelope: don’t know/don’t remember
Envelope in ETS2: [red]Stas556[normal]
Alterations, improvements, additions, reductions of the model and anima:dmitry68
Sounds of all engines: [red]kriechbaum[normal]
Skin authors:
“Bison Transport” – Bison Transport


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2 thoughts on “Freightliner Coronado v1.45.3.16

  1. ist der over the top skin wieder mit dabei ?, der auch damals dabei war

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