Freightliner Cascadia 2018 version3.9.3

Buy truck at Volvo Dealers, don’t buy online in game it’ll crash
Note! to make the new enginesound work buy first lower HP ISX engine and than 1
of the new engines
Respect original Download link
Have fun!
Edited by Felipe Conbar
Standlone and anim by Frank Brasil
Viper 389 v2 Chrome fenders by Tom Dooley
Skin by Jozef Stewowe and Freddy Jimmink
3 new Engines and 18 Speed Eaton Fuller with retarder added by Freddy Jimmink
The log is not error free, but it has no effect, game crashes are not have taken place while testing!


33 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 2018 version3.9.3

  1. As extra information : this truck is standalone.
    When you wanna buy you need to discover truck dealer Volvo in San Francisco and then visit truckdealer if you wanna buy the Cascadia. You do NOT need the VNL mods for this !

    BUT if you have the VNL mods as well and they are activated you can buy Cascadia online, if not the game will crash.

  2. VeritasAequitas

    older version were troubling for me to get it working. this version works for me thank you for fix

  3. Crash fest.

    1. with only that is hard to know mod conflict perhaps on your side.
      If you try buying through online option and you do not have the VNL mods : n that will not work. Is also explained in the description.
      Please more info about what you try to do and what happens.

    2. Freddy Jimmink

      Please give more information why it crashes? Thanks

      1. Hey Jimmy nice truck thanks for the fix

      2. Hey it crashes a lot.of times idk why I have a vnl 670 by arAdeth

  4. Sorry to say you do need the vnls for this did just as you said and it crashed when i went to save the game. But it didn’t crash when i had the vnl in game.

  5. Please remember that if you are using Open Beta 1.6, every truck mod crashes your game due to several changes including the weighstation-thingy.

    1. The mods that crashed my game in open beta was route advisor mod and some trailer mods but so far no truck mods.
      Guess I am lucky then. ;)

      1. I tested several mods and mapmods, route advisor mods crashed the game while loading the savegame and truck mods crashed the game in dealer.

      2. I hope someone may make a good route advisor mod
        maybe SCS can create a new route advisor mod
        I think a lot of the old take up too much space

  6. This mod still has many bugs.
    Most of reason is lack of mat / pmd files (It was caused crash of 3.9.1)

    Author (not user) should remove all other mods and test this mod.
    Then please look gamelog.txt.

    Missing model descriptor: /vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/volvo_fh16_2009/side_mirror_01.pmd

    For example, if your truck (save data) have interior side mirror, you can see these errors. These errors cause a crash.

    Also this is not cause crash, but connector texture is also missing.

    1. “The log is not error free, but it has no effect, game crashes are not have taken place while testing!”

      I have tested it without mods on 1.5.3 and I have no crash and am not using the VNL mods.

      Also tested with the VNL mods to see if it doesnt conflict. And it doesn’t.
      Yes there are bugs but with me and for me it did not lead to a crash, so far I am crash free unlike the previous versions.

      Tested on new clean profile with only Cascadia = no crash only thing is you can not buy with online option then it will crash.
      Tested on existing profile with VNL mods for previous version enabled, no crash.
      Tested on new profile with VNL mods no crash option buy online works.
      Tested on existing profile and disabled the VNL mods : no crash.

      Tested on new profile with all my own mods enabled plus Cascadia and no VNL = no crash
      Tested on new profile with all my own mods enabled plus Cascadia and with VNL = no crash

      I have like 150mods in my profile running and no crash with this truck.

      The VNL are from aradeth and frank brasil, 2 different ones i can run with 1 of them, without them and with both of them. And still no crash.

      Mod is tested not for 5 seconds not only does it load, no tested : does it load yes, can you buy truck yes, can you adjust truck yes, can you purchase truck yes, can you drive truck yes, can you switch trucks yes, can you switch back yes.
      Everything that should be tested to see if it crashes is tested. In several ways in several combinations.
      It didnt crash for me, it didnt crash for author, it didnt crash for the people involved with the testing.

      Author knows about the errors but as this reaply started : it does not influence the gameplay. And it will be solved in time, but no mod is delivered bugfree error free from day 1.
      They made big improvement by making it standalone, even for some it doesnt work, for others it does work standalone unlike before. They do not need the vnl anymore to use this truck.

      So if author has to try things, let me ask you this did you try new profile only the cascadia, did you try existing profile only cascadia? Etc etc?

  7. I hope someone may make a good route advisor mod
    maybe SCS can create a new route advisor mod
    I think a lot of the old take up too much space

    1. Chris Asmundson

      I noticed this also, this is because these are the gauges from the Mercedes in ETS-2 =) maybe someone will edit them. what would be nice is for someone to get paws on photos of the actual gauges and copy them… I am sure this will come with time tho.

  8. Any templates for this truck

  9. ScaniaFan

    Go into dealer & customise, on purchasing it crashes when you select which garage you want it in….

  10. same+problem+here+even+with+the+vnl+mods+activated+prioritised,you+can+customise+it+buy+but+not+drive+it,soon+as+you+buy+and+select+where+gamecrash,hopefully+it+wont+be+long+before+trucks+to+this+version+emerge

  11. Hi !!
    Where is the Volvo dealer in ATS 1.5 ?????

  12. Andalusi Trucker


    me crashed the game when i go to quick job.

  13. Guys i got it to work without crashing.
    Use the vnl 670 1.5.1 by aradath and also use Volvo VNL 780 Reworked v2.8 ATS Truck by brazil.
    I used those 2 and it worked!
    Great mod fam!

  14. Freddy Jimmink

    Quick jobs don’t work,and buy online doesn’t work too

    In next update we try to fix that.

    Buy at Volvo dealer and for Volvo dealer You need to have Aradeth’s VNL

  15. Spawning Salmon

    If you mess up and buy wrong engine what then? Do you uninstall? Sell truck back then uninstall? Or just buy lower ISX engine? There are 3 ISX engines. Do I buy the middle one or the lowest hp ISX engine? Then you say after you buy lower ISX you should buy the new one. What new ones exactly?

    Kind regards – spawning salmon

  16. Changing+of+the+cab.+It+stays+stretched+

  17. there+is+no+volvo+dealer+in+ATS

  18. Eagle_One_69

    I read all the comments and tried every way possible…New profile, clean no mods except… With VNL mods turned on or off. Buying on line and in dealership. Buying on line the game crashed right away. Buying in the dealership, everything worked just fine even drove it for a bit, but when I pressed Esc to go into the main menu to get a job, it crashes. Hell, even though I knew it didn’t make a difference, I went as far as trying to do this at both Volvo dealerships. I am running the latest version of ATS. I’ll just wait until some changes are made if any. Too bad, I run this truck in ETS2 and it works great.

  19. CraftingTwins


  20. It doesn’t matter to me if the errors in a truck are non-critical, there has to be zero errors in a truck before I’ll ever use it. This truck is just downright poor, every single item missing a model descriptor, a few missing textures here and there and a missing right upper mirror.

    Otherwise, its a very beautiful truck.

  21. When this truck is selected as currently driven, game crashes every time aqt the attempt to enter main menu. When game is restarted, it crashes as soon as it enters main menu while this truck is selected as current.

    1. Yeah, mine does the same

  22. everything+works+fine,+the+truck+has+never+crashed+my+game+at+all.+but+I+have+a+gripe+with+the+drivetrain.+I+really+love+the+truck+and+I+like+it+so+much+I+use+it+as+my+main+truck.+The+only+problem+is+that+the+truck+says+its+6×4+but+it+isnt.+It+is+actually+6×2+and+many+times+I+get+stuck+on+uphill+when+pulling+doubles+or+anything+that+weighs+more+than+45t.+This+has+happened+so+many+times+because+the+truck+is+not+6×4+but+it+only+powers+the+middle+axle.+the+rear+axle+does+nothing!+Am+I+the+only+one+experiencing+this?+Difflock+doesnt+help,+if+it+starts+slipping+its+stuck,+sometimes+even+on+a+simple+offramp,+this+is+really+frustrating.+is+there+a+way+to+fix+this+so+that+all+the+rear+axles+are+actually+powered?

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