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Freightliner Argosy v 3.0

Date 2016-02-17 15:32

Freightliner-Argosy-1 Freightliner-Argosy-2 Freightliner-Argosy-3

– Spelled out separately
– Kenworth Motor Show
– Skins, tuning, wheels and everything else that was in the ETS2

Author: odd_fellow

DOWNLOAD 180 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 180 MB [Uploadfiles]

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15 Responses to Freightliner Argosy v 3.0

  1. fake
    mods90 animal ######

  2. Mad_Driver

    There is a problem with the adjustment of the seat so you can do which will be a limit to how one can adjust the seat back?

  3. QuaTTroDeSigN

    it is beautiful but it is not standalone, it replaces the default truck which is a shame, would it be possible to put in standalone?

  4. Gregoris

    File too big for normal computers, over 600 MB.

  5. sliipais

    It’s good to have another quality Freightliner in the game . Thak you . And , thank’s for you FLB . ))

  6. piva

    Download author is not odd_fellow, so it’s fake

    Хва тырить у Ивана траки, Сами сделайте сначала.

  7. Simanic

    It´s a good and nice truck but the log file is full from errors.

    The sound file are the problems.
    When you can fix this, i will download the truck again.

  8. I did not update any of my older ETS2 trucks just yet. So feel free to report this and other mods, i don’t care.

    I am working on Argosy for both games now, but i don’t know when it’ll be released.

  9. 8×4 8×6 chassis -_-

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