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15 thoughts on “Freightliner Argosy v 3.0

  1. fake
    mods90 animal ######

    1. You all time comment on my mod post!
      Stop comment!Look video first!

  2. Mad_Driver

    There is a problem with the adjustment of the seat so you can do which will be a limit to how one can adjust the seat back?

  3. QuaTTroDeSigN

    it is beautiful but it is not standalone, it replaces the default truck which is a shame, would it be possible to put in standalone?

  4. File too big for normal computers, over 600 MB.

  5. It’s good to have another quality Freightliner in the game . Thak you . And , thank’s for you FLB . ))

  6. Download author is not odd_fellow, so it’s fake

    Хва тырить у Ивана траки, Сами сделайте сначала.

  7. It´s a good and nice truck but the log file is full from errors.

    The sound file are the problems.
    When you can fix this, i will download the truck again.

  8. I did not update any of my older ETS2 trucks just yet. So feel free to report this and other mods, i don’t care.

    I am working on Argosy for both games now, but i don’t know when it’ll be released.

    1. Good news!

  9. 8×4 8×6 chassis -_-

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