FPS Increase v 1.0 Initial Release


First version of FPS Increase mod for ATS


– Decreased mirror view distance
– Decreased water fov
– Decreased mirror scale
– Decreased sun shadow
– Decreased lod factor
– Disabled clouds shadow
– Disabled fake shadow


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Author: BLiNKT


12 thoughts on “FPS Increase v 1.0 Initial Release

  1. Is there any noticable difference when using this?


    1. for me it made my game blurry and slow

      1. Change SCALE to 100% or more and your graphic not be blurry

      2. Bosanski Skiner

        Mee too!
        Is just a garbish!

  2. darkshadow

    can you make a mod to remove all vegetation or tell me how to make it , because when im near a forest my fps go down , mi game run 30-40 fps , when im near a forest run 10-15 fps

  3. Here is FIXED version not blurry but if anyway be blurry increase SCALE

    -Fixed scale and blurry graphic


  4. BLiNKT is not a real modder, don’t waste your time with his ####.

    1. not agree dude… he is working on this kind of mods since ets2

      1. he is *been working i mean

    2. Bosanski Skiner

      I agree with you Nico, Blinkt only edit mods dont know how to make his owns, this one its not a mod ist you config file, all other mods from Blinkt are no quality and they are really bad and like kid have made it :D

  5. @Nico and you are real modder???…### please shut up and leave me alone…if you not know i made some mods but i rework some mdos too but this one FPS increase is my creation and my mod and im author of this mod you fcking #######

  6. blinkt is a good modder his mods are great dont let people that doent know how to make mods #### you off blinkt you are very very good mod maker mate :-)

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