Ford Focus |Mk3.5

Features of the vehicle;
Compatible with 1.36 version
Running animations
Ao Render
Trend X – Titanium package option (with slots)
Two Engine Sounds (Gasoline-Diesel)
Slotted Front Lip Options
Slotted Rear Bumper Options
Slotted Blinds Options
Slotted Spoiler Options
Slotted Headlight Options
Slotted Side Sill
Slotted Mustang Fog Light
Slotted Plate

Aracın Özellikleri ;
1.36 sürümü ile uyumludur
Çalışan animasyonlar
Ao Render
Trend X – Titanyum paket seçeneği ( Slotlar yardımıyla )
iki Adet Motor Sesi ( Benzin- Dizel )
Slotlu Ön Lip Seçenekleri
Slotlu Arka Tampon Seçenekleri
Slotlu Panjur Seçenekleri
Slotlu Spoiler Seçenekleri
Slotlu Far Seçenekleri
Slotlu Yan Marşpiyel
Slotlu Mustang Sis Farı
Slotlu Plakalık

Berat Afşin, Harun Aras, Hüseyin Ülken, Berkay Pekesen, Hakan Doğan, Artin Kazanciyan


6 thoughts on “Ford Focus |Mk3.5

  1. Kanka focusun Jeff Favignano kanalına çıktı ;)

  2. Why it comes with European Plates?

  3. I+can’t+get+the+digital+speedometer+to+show,+but+other+than+that,+great!

  4. Stephen Pullen

    Why do all these cars for American Truck Simulator come with European plates? It seems to be a running theme.

    1. Because the turkish I*d*i*o*t*s are spamming with their W*a*s*t*e
      on all Truck Sites.

    2. I don’t know but it could just be a repost from ets2 guess they are to lazy to change it

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