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BMW | 5 Series E60

Date 2020-04-02 10:01


ETS2 | ATS – BMW 5 Series E60 Mod is online!
4 Pieces of Front Bumper
4 Rear Bumper
3 Mirrors
2 pcs Tailgate
6 Piece Wheel Options
2 Buffer Kidneys
3 Hood Top Spoilers
2 Glass Top Spoilers
3 Ceiling Options
4 Front Bumper Attachments (Only Original Bumper)
1 Piece Side Plastic Attachment 1 Piece Rear Plastic Attachment (Only Original Bumper)
2 Fender Options
4 İnterior Color Options


ETS2 | ATS – BMW 5 Serisi E60 Modu yayında !
4 Adet Ön Tampon
4 Adet Arka Tampon
3 Adet Ayna
2 Adet Bagaj Kapağı
6 Adet Jant Seçeneği
2 Tampon Böbreği
3 Kaput Üstü Spoiler
2 Cam Üstü Spoiler
3 Adet Tavan Seçeneği
4 Adet Ön Tampon Eki ( Sadece Orjinal Tampon )
1 Adet Yan Plastik Ek 1 Adet Arka Plastik Ek ( Sadece Orjinal Tampon )
2 Adet Çamurluk Seçeneği
4 Adet İnterior Renk Seçeneği

Berat Afşin, Harun Aras, Ömer Aygün, Hüseyin Ülken, Hüseyin Beşparmak, Berkay Pekesen


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