Ford F-Max v 2.0 for ATS 1.34

– Standalone
– In all dealers
– Lightmask
– Interior
– Accessory options
– Realistic engine and transmission specs
– Advanced trailer connection
– Trailer cables

Adapted for ATS
Cables edited for ATS
Changed the driver’s landing

Metehan BİLAL, Yasin ÇALIM, Ferhat GÜR, OveRTRucK. Adapted for ATS vasja555


3 thoughts on “Ford F-Max v 2.0 for ATS 1.34

  1. Video

  2. AndrewTheFurryWolf

    which dealer can it be bought?

  3. Thank you for this great job!
    Just a detail however, it would have been nice if the meter was in miles rather than km / h.

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