Fontaine Phantom Flatbed Trailers reworked by Solaris36


Totally reworked Fontaine Phantom flatbed trailers.

– Standalone.
– 31 cargos.
– In traffic.
– Fixed shadows and ui shadows.
– Fixed trailer and cargos collisions.
– Trailer Height adjusted.
– Fixed missed reverse lights.
– Added license plate light.
– Few changes on 3D models.


Enjoy it!

Solaris36, B4rt, Furkan61, Smarty


19 thoughts on “Fontaine Phantom Flatbed Trailers reworked by Solaris36

  1. Could you PLEASE add a proper AO map to your model?
    It’s very easy. Search “Blender AO Bake”. This models are gonna look far better!

    Thnak you for your effort, btw.

  2. solaris36

    I note. Thank u. :-)

  3. Thank’s For fixing some errors my friend!

  4. If you use default cargoes, please don’t copy them – simply add the trailer to the appropriate cargo folder. This way the trailers stay compatible with any map mod.

  5. Love this mod but about 80% of my AI traffic is pulling this trailer now. is there any way to reduce how much it spawns in AI?

  6. Trucker_bob

    thank you! and its even STANDALONE??? THATS TRUCKIN NOICE!

  7. ryan keller

    i like this very much solaris but i do agree about 75% of AI is Hauling it i just took the AI Traffic Phantom out so now i only can haul it… but nice mod as usual from YOU!

    1. How do you just remove it from traffic if it’s not too difficult to explain? I tried but I ended up breaking the mod..

      1. solaris36

        Just delete file “traffic_storage_semi_trailer.fphantom.sii” on “def/vehicle” folder. :-)

        1. where is that file located?

          1. solaris36

            Open scs file with winrar and looking for folder “def”. Open it and u found folder “vehicle”. Open too and delete file ““traffic_storage_semi_trailer.fphantom.sii”.

        2. ok i did that now does it automatically save into the scs file and then i put the scs file into the mods folder or do i have to do something else?

  8. Excellent mod but I agree with other comments regarding the spawn rate. This mod kinda takes over from all the other trailer mods.

  9. d0dgedriv3n

    Looks like there is a problem when going to the freight market window. The wood boards and solar plates cargo has weird text like (31dg470 lb) for weight. Also, where is shows time expired and Expected time is also messed up.

    1. about the errors
      check the def/cargo …..

      open and check the fphantom(XX).sii files

      all names should be like this
      name: “@@Fontaine Phantom trailers@@”

      the in-game errors might be caused because the .sii is looking like this :

      cargo_data: cargo.fphantom08


      name: “Wood boards@@”

      fragility: 0.3

      price_coef: 1.572

      group[]: machinery


      simply just edit these files…to

      cargo_data: cargo.fphantom08


      name: “@@Wood boards@@”

      fragility: 0.3

      price_coef: 1.572

      group[]: machinery


  10. I did not do this mod. mod is very poor

  11. Can you possibly provide the basic trailer with no load?

  12. If you could re-upload this mod but with a lesser probability to appear in traffic and the cargo market, that would be awesome. Thanks!

  13. Hi can you PLEASE add this trailer mod to steam workshop?!?! i dont have the right software to install this mod but i feel like it would be a great addition to the workshop since there isn’t really any trailer mods. And it would get downloaded alot more

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