19 thoughts on “Trailer Concrete Bridge

  1. Micha-BF3

    this is my Trailer
    pmg and scs are closed
    delete this mod and link

    1. Scs made a program to unlock files. So locking your files means nothing anymore. Have a nice day.

  2. great mod can you also make a double trailer pleaseee,thats also compatible with other mod regards l

    1. Double trailers currently are not possible in ATS/ETS2, and no mod can make this possible.

      1. yoo fallon there is one double trailer us mod but it seems that i cannot find in the trailer mods…..its a pitty

        1. Yes, there is one, but it works as one large trailer.

    1. Serrr leaky condom

      You little leaky condom

    2. Don;t click this video. Same guy linking some ###### unrelated video on literally every mod on this site. It’s not even related to truck simulator. Just leaching off us to try to get views. Fortunately, YouTube doesn’t count something as a view until x-amount of the video is watched.

  3. Very cool. Thanks.

  4. one problem, when in third person the camera is very zoomed in on the trailer and i can not see where i am driving.

    1. That’s because this trailer had no collisions on it. Fortunately it is very easy to add the collisions – just open the mod in Blender and bring in the collision boxes from another model, re-size and position as needed – problem solved :)

  5. Hello Micha,
    The file is not locked .pmd otherwise I would not converted.

  6. A good thriller, a love of complexity, but it seems to me, with such a length is not always possible to drive without crashing

    1. Just have to drive more careful. Even with collisions added to the model I’ve hauled three of these so far without incident :) I did have to tweak the cargo files, though, since it seemed very put of place to be taking a concrete bridge part to/from Walmart or Best Buy LOL.

  7. adi2003de

    Hey …

    you have packed it a little bit false .. you have take in the scs .. a scs with the same trailer again … that can be go to problems by the game …
    Fix it please !

  8. Fred_be, you are a talneted guy. But how can you release a mod with EU licence plate and collision problems? It’s a 5 min work. Make something, addsomething to the mod or don’t release it.
    You can do better dude!

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