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4 thoughts on “Express Delivery Trailers Update

  1. The advanced coupling was not working for me. I had to turn it off to use the trailer.

    1. Sorry Fred , don’t know how to help you.
      I’ve tested them with advanced coupling ON and worked fine for me on several job.
      I’m going to test them with a modded truck, not a SCS truck, because searching the internet, it seems that issue could maybe be generated. :(

      1. John Vilmor Barado

        It’s ok FatLizard i am for you beacuse you are my biggest fan of your mod it’s so cool of your mod if you need a help just reply me ;)

        1. Thanks John ! … not tested that issue yet (short free time … my fault)
          but I’m almost sure the problem (advanced coupling) is caused by using
          modded trucks because I have no problem with t680 or 579 or w900
          with the Express Delivery trailers.

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