Express Delivery Skins

express-delivery-2 express-delivery-1 express-delivery-3

Basically this is my company truck skins! Hope you enjoy! It was tested with the lastest version and works great! Feel free to drive for me with my skin! This is for the W900 and the T680 btw!

Jacob Burgess


2 thoughts on “Express Delivery Skins

  1. Perhaps it’s really as you said … “Feel free to drive for me with MY SKIN!” … but if so we have had the same idea … only me a little earlier… really funny no ? :) … on 04 May.

    I wonder if I can even use the skin of YOUR trailers … just for a great “combo”.

    PS: Just for the record … the trailers are not advanced coupling ready … please can YOU fix in YOUR next release ? Feel free to answer … or not … :)

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