DP’s Realistic Traffic v 0.2.9

Version: 0.2.9

This mod not only increases the density of the traffic but also changes its behaviour to create a busier and more fluid experience.

– Increased traffic in general, which creates a more realistic feel
– Traffic has less patience and safety for itself, merging into traffic a lot faster
– Queues that do build up are quicker to filter away
– Police spawning now varies depending on which state you are in
– Supports distant vehicle sound improvements when used alongside Sound Fixes Pack mod

Changes from 0.2.8
– Updated files

Tested on version 1.5.x

SCS, Dumbfounded Polymath


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5 thoughts on “DP’s Realistic Traffic v 0.2.9

  1. hey,is it possible to reduce cars and increase truck amount on the road? because left line always busy with cars.Thank you for mod. its really nice.

    1. Dumbfounded Polymath

      I can look into the ratios for both, but trucks always take outside (right) lane as they are slower.

      1. Great mod. That’s a great idea! Thanks for looking into it.

      2. Dumbfounded is right..In fact, in my state, if there’s a highway with 3+ lanes on each side, it’s illegal for a truck to be in the far left lane.

        Honestly, I’d like to see more trucks and less cars in industrial areas, such as the Oakland port, the railroad-yards in Oxnard.

  2. Hey. Thank you for reply guys. I tried to say is it possible increase amount of truck amount on the road. I would like to see more truck and sometimes ai truck passing me by using left line. If you update this mode how mentioned I would be appreciated.

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