Tractor with trailers in traffic


Mod add tractor with trailers in traffic
Standalone version. Can be used on every map where have traffic lane type “road.loca”
Tractor speed limits 40 km/h (25 mph)

Thanks very much to Todor Alin for tractor and log trailer models.
I thank him for his patience with my requirements by model.
Thanks to AlexeyP for rework default trailer for this mod.

piva, Todor Alin, AlexeyP, SCS

DOWNLOAD 33.5 MB [Mirror]

3 thoughts on “Tractor with trailers in traffic

  1. Quick question, does this “road.loca” apply to interstates also, or just the secondary roads ?

    1. Alexandre Lebrun

      secondary road only :)

  2. Sometimes I see this tractor with white (no-texture) trailer, but sometimes its normal.

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