Double Trailer ATS Sn4k3r Edit

Add functional double trailer in the game.
Base model by RTA, converted with SCS Blender Tool.

– Standalone
– Double pivot point
– Advancing coupling
– Clean model
– Real cargo

Only for version 1.6.x

Sn4k3r, RTA


41 thoughts on “Double Trailer ATS Sn4k3r Edit

  1. GameplayHD2015

    no advanced trailer coupling,i can not couple the trailer normally to the truck just with 0 and F9,delivery point goes off the map,would be nice some american wheels!

    1. jules.raton

      Advanced Trailer Coupling works just fine on my end (tested with SCS’s Pete 579 6×4 for now)
      And sheeesh! first double trailer in years of waiting and yet the first thing you do is complain. Learn to enjoy a bit!

      Great work so far sn4k3r !

    2. Sorry but trailer coupling work perfectly so check your mod.

  2. Fock Yuue

    Wow look at this, more self entitled thieves.

  3. KiLLeR Modding Working very nice for me, advanced coupling, double pivot point, no error. Great mod out there.

  4. mohammed zakir


  5. limonenzitrone

    Very nice. Any chances you could add a few skins?
    Thanks :)

  6. You are right jules,i was to upset nothing was working….indeed after many years this is a game changer…i just made a video,please see it and tell me why wouldn’t work

    1. Thanks for your video :)

      1. Your trailers look awesome, I have it downloaded but I dont know how to install it….please help

  7. Great job.
    Would it be possible to make a B-Triple as well?

  8. Sadly doesn’t show up ingame for me

    1. It is a refridgerated Trailer so you have to look for a refridgerated freight and when you arrive at the “dock” you can choose which trailer you want to haul.

      1. Do you know if there are more skins?i only get the white ones

    2. Have you tried sleeping? With any trailer cargo, etc you add o the game at least 24 game hours have to pass by before the loads refresh.

      Just do a sleep cycle and it should show up.

      To the uploader – many thanks. This is going to be featured in my stream tonight.

  9. Chupa brasileiro que fica regulando um bi-trem os gringos tbm sabe
    thanks Sn4k3r

  10. Good+work,+can+you+do+it+for+ETS2+???

  11. hey mate what are those wheels your using

  12. Does this require the heavy cargo dlc? Because I don’t own it.

    1. no Sir,just the latest version of the game(older ones do not allow multi pivot points)

      1. Thanks for the help..The mod is amazing, haven’t had a working double trailers since the 18 Wheels Of Steel Haulin days..This revives some memories man.

  13. how do i install it

  14. Biggey Smalley

    Good job!! I hope the SCS version will be easier to back up:)

  15. how to install??

  16. Can someone please explain how to install the mod, after unzipping the folder im left with 3 folders (automat, def and vehicle). Am is missing something

    1. Just put the zip file into your mod folder, no need to uzip

  17. Freddy Jimmink

    Doesn’t show up in game, not even with a clean profile!

  18. The thing that has not been stated, before this doubles mod will work is all those who have bought the DLC Heavy load– you need to uncheck the box on the DLC’s added so it is not added to the game, then reload game and look for refrigerated deliveries to be picked up. If you are using the 8×4 axle for your truck, the Advanced Coupling does not work, but 6×2 axle will. Don’t worry about unchecking the box, cause if you want it reloaded, just recheck the box !!!!!!.
    I am hoping in the future the separated loading of doubles can be initiated for a more real feel in the game. I commend the author for the effort and I give it a real super high rating after so many have been waiting for USA doubles hit the highways .
    HIP,HIP, Hooray and away we gooooooooo.

  19. Awesome mod! thanks Sn4k3r

  20. How do i install this mod no scs files in it just folders and they dont work please help it looks like an amazing mod

  21. Very, Very thanks! Excellent job!

  22. New version uploaded, waiting for validation ;)

  23. how to install???

  24. How do I install this mod?

  25. Put the whole zip in mod folder, don’t unzip it………….freaking rookie drivers! LOL!

    1. Uncle D – I think what is throwing them off is many people do not realize zip files can be used as mods, also, and that mods do not have to be scs files :) In fact, mods don;t even have to be packed at all. Just a folder with the mod in it will suffice as well :)

  26. Villaflor

    Can you make a tanker double trailer mod

  27. these+trailers+wont+show+up+until+you+update+game+version+to+

  28. Nice one

  29. this is a standalone mod so it can’t be used with other double trailer mods ?

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