Dodge Charger Cruiser Pack v1.2


New update.

* Pack now contains my old 2010 Charger and new 2012 Charger Cruisers
* Fixed LOD issues for 2010 and 2012 Charger models
* Fixed flare issues on the 2010 Charger
* Added missing Shadow to the 2010 Charger

2010 Charger still has both a marked and unmarked unit.
2012 Charger still has State specific liveries

Jazzycat, DaModza Customs,


5 thoughts on “Dodge Charger Cruiser Pack v1.2

  1. Humpfester

    There’s still an issue with the cars turning white after they get a distance away.

  2. Arthur Vince

    The state police car turn into the white highway car after some

  3. yes the state police car is turning in white police car,and I think it would be great that police cars sometime have lights and sirens turn on like they chasing someone?

  4. What dealer is this under?

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