2012 Dodge Charger Cruiser (Fixed model)


Updated version of my original Police unit mod.

Features California Highway Patrol and Nevada State Troopers, as well as Las Vegas Metropolitan PD, San Francisco PD and Los Angeles PD liveries.

Liveries will only appear in the respective state/city, ie, California Highway Patrol will ONLY appear in California, Nevada State Trooper will ONLY appear in Nevada, etc.

This has not been tested with my older Charger mod, so cannot garauntee that they will work together. This was intended as a complete replacement.

Fixed crashes with the model due to missing wheels.

Jazzycat, DaModza Customs, CadNav.com


7 thoughts on “2012 Dodge Charger Cruiser (Fixed model)

  1. This upload works fine mate so thank you for your efforts

  2. Arthur vince

    Aha thanks!! great that this awesome mod works..

  3. Yes mod works but I notice something,when the police car is 100m from you it is all ok but when is 200m or far away the wheels from police car is missing and the police car hoovering lake space vehicle ?

    1. some bad ganja your smoking there zoran :) …just joking lol …….

    2. MashedPotatonator

      This is a common problem with custom mods that use non-scs models, like trailers and AI vehicles. I think this is a problem with ATS since I’ve never come across a problem like this in ETS2 in the past 3 years I’ve been playing it

    3. Arthur Vince

      I saw it also, hoovering cars lol..strange that the “USA Police Traffic v1.1 by Solaris36 & Da Modza” (also with Dodges) doesn’t have that..only in this mod.

  4. solaris36

    Isn’t a game problem. It’s a mod issue. No lod model on scs file.

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