Discover Ontario v0.21.a 1.46

V 0.21.a 2023-02-04
-Added Quebec, all new files. Fixed long load issue.

Mod Description
This map mod will make Ontario, Canada a little better.

With Connection to C2C, and Midwest, and my new Map Quebec
# Mod is compatible with ATS 1.XX.X
# Requires Coast to Coast v2.XX.X

Supported Game Versions: 1.46

Authors; Attom
Tester; GMC Logistics
Ontario Licence Plates by Laqueesha


2 thoughts on “Discover Ontario v0.21.a 1.46

  1. Daniel Onyper

    Do you have a map of what all is involved?

  2. scott brodie

    these maps dont connect US with Ontario !!!!

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