Bonjour Quebec v0.0.1a

V0.0.1a 2023-02-04
-fixed long load issue, Thanks “Jerry the Fixer”

Load Order:
-D Ont-Connections 0.2.1
-Bonjour Quebec 0.0.1
-Discover Ontario 0.2.1 Def
-Discover Ontario 0.2.1 Map&Mod

Supported Game Versions: 1.46



One thought on “Bonjour Quebec v0.0.1a

  1. This requires both mods?
    Discover Ontario v0.21.a 1.46 and Bonjour Quebec v0.0.1a to be in the load order, or area all together in the Bonjour Quebec v0.0.1a mod? Just don’t want to mess up the activation. Thanks.

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