Delivery Time and Parking Bonus Tweaks


This mod brings you some tweaks on the delivery time wich is extended.
So you can never be late and gave the parking bonus xp a little boost , nothing to crazy.
Happy Trucking =)

Author: Riipperino


6 thoughts on “Delivery Time and Parking Bonus Tweaks

  1. Lordylord

    Why not creating a .scs file to put in the mod folder?
    Also would be nice if you had info on how much you boosted the barking bonus XP. :)

  2. boozedbat

    You can just rename the extension from zip to SCS as SCS files that the game
    uses are nothing more than zip files anyway, they are just renamed. Should
    be uncompressed store format.

    To the poster of the mod. You should document please the exact changes
    and include what default values were before the change.

    That would be helpful.

    1. Riipperino

      simulation_avg_speed: 2.0 # km/h

      original 62.2 #km/h

      parking bonus upped with 20-or double more.
      will inform you guys better next time.

  3. doge_lorde

    how do you install this? i have a vague idea but not sure .-.

  4. karmamuscle

    I can’t for the life of me get it to work, the mod loads fine in the manager, but the effects don’t take place.

  5. Crashes 1.4 update

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