DC Trailers Mega Pack

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Hey guys, upon request here is a mega pack of all my skinned ATS trailers plus one truck skin I happen to have in ATS:

Truck Skin:
Celadon – Volvo VNL 670

Trailer Skins:
Stevens Transport
Knight Transportation
Western Distributing
Xtra Lease
Monster Energy
Pumpkin Master Express
Rockstar Energy
Venom Energy
Winn Dixie
Lynden Transport

Authors: Truck & Trailer Skins – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


26 thoughts on “DC Trailers Mega Pack

  1. Oh yeah!
    Let the trip begin! ;-)))

  2. I’m glad you guys like it. Have fun truckin many many many miles! lol I know I sure will since I got them all converted now. :)

  3. DC-Дэвид
    They can not all together to be in game,This is bad

    1. You can only use one of stewowe’s trailers I skinned in-game one at a time. It’s the way his trailer works that I skin.

      1. solaris36

        U permit to make a mod with all skins working at same time? :-)

        1. If only I knew how I would. :) You guys make the mods and I just skin them! lol

        2. Hey solaris36, if you know how to make all my skinned trailers work together at the same time, please feel free to give it a go man! That would be great. Maybe together we can have a great standalone pack!

        3. Hi Solaris36, maybe you could switch out those chrome rims for white too?? :D I guess blender is needed, but i don’t have it or know anything about how to use it.

  4. xeno-mick

    Looks Nice, is this compatable with other trailer pack mods David ? Thanks for the mod.

    1. Hi xeno, no problem man. Yes you can run my trailers with other trailers, but only 1 of my skinned stewowe ones at a time along with other peoples trailers. Mine show up MUCH easier though when the rest are disabled, but it does work with them active as well, they just dont show up as often.

  5. nuttywolf

    Man your skinning work of the trailers looks great but someone who knows how needs to help with making all these trailers into one pack like this but as a standalone with all them working at the same time like the Wabush and Great Dane packs and like Jazzycats stuff from ETS2.

    1. Thanks man and I know what you mean. When I made all these skins in ETS2 it was not an issue for me since I mostly made combo packs that came with a matching truck skin too, but here in ATS I dont have my combos anymore since the Kenworth T800 isnt working. If someone gets that truck running, I can bring over all my truck skins and make them combo packs once again in which case you wouldnt be running from trailer to trailer. With the combo packs you would run the T800 and haul the matching trailers for awhile until it was time to switch out the combo pack for another skin set. Right now I am running one of my combos in ATS called “The Beer Store” combo which is my skinned vnl 670 along with my matching skinned stewowe trailer. Fun times haulin again! :)

  6. solaris36

    I’m working making a mod with all trailers skins at the same time. Stay online. :-)

    1. Cool! Hey man, I just uploaded a Heartland Express trailer if you would like to add it to the pack too. Or is it too late to get itin? :)

      1. solaris36

        Yes, Heartland express too. :-)

        1. Awesome! Thank you!

      2. Awesome! Can’t wait!

  7. Where can i get stewowe’s trailer ive been looking all over for it?

  8. any chance you could either put the white american style rims on the trailers , or at least have an option to do so . nice skins though .

    1. Thanks man. I wish I knew how to change rims. I like the chrome, but white would be sweet! Awesome actually. lol I think blender is needed because I tried to tinker with the wheel files manually inside the scs file, but I would either see no result, or crash, or giant red error graphics in the preview. lol So blender must be the answer. I like your idea about a rim choice…white or chrome option to choose from. Now if “someone” can pull it off. lol :)

  9. solaris36

    What kind of wheels ?. Do the same but white instead of chrome?

    The mod is already gone.
    I guess tomorrow morning will be available. :-D

    1. It’s done?! Nice! Can’t wait to see it man! :) white rims sort of like this would be cool. something white with a deep rim. matt or steel or something, but white. https://atsmods.lt/tim-hortons-reefer-3000r-trailer-skin-v2-0/

    2. solaris36

      You say something like this?


      In the new mod you can change it easily.

      1. Thats close, but no quite. I tried to link a trailer with the rims but my post didnt go through. The image you sent the rim are too shiny. I guess I meant to say plain white deep painted rims, non shiny, with maybe a black center where the cap and lugnuts are.

    3. White steel deep rim or something like it would be nice. Kinda like the ones on it, but a white almost matte finish. That would rule!

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