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Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers v1.5

Date 2016-03-12 18:50


This mod adding Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers, with another Truck and cabin type like:
kenworth_t680 kenworth_w900 peterbilt_579
The Trailer are available in:
Bushnell,Voltıson,Hms,Plaster Sons,Darchelle,Rail Export.
Trailer is not present in traffic.
Fix Rear lamps were made in accordance with the truth.

Tested version

* Respect the download link *

SCS, Micha-BF3, GhostLord


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2 Responses to Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers v1.5

  1. zoran

    Funny mod with mass 12125lb,trucks are from wood or plastic?

    • DC-David

      You can probably go in the scs and edit the mass to make it heavier. I had to increase the weight of a trailer in ETS2 one time because the poster thought it would be funny is the trailer tried to float off to space with your truck once you hooked it up. lol

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