DC Gordon Trailer

Gordon-2 Gordon-1 Gordon-3

Gordon Trucking Inc trailer.

File includes my trailer skin plus the trailer mod as well.

Tested on

Only 1 of my skinned Stewowe’s trailers can be activated per game session.

Mod manager ready.

Authors: Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


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8 thoughts on “DC Gordon Trailer

  1. stunning mate!

    1. I thought you may want a trailer to combo with your truck. :)

  2. ya know I don’t have any problem with only one trailer at a time cause the truck can only PULL one at a time lol. good one Dave, I love combos. I drive them up the coast , down the coast and all around the town, looking for the other locations to pick up more and more trailers but only ONE at a time lol. Can anybody teach spellcheck that LOL is all there is to the phrase? thank you dave. I get so tired of the progressive lady. lets make a sim people of her and drive over her all day.

  3. Thanks guys. But yeah we can only pull 1 at a time anyhow. I dont have a problem switching them out either in my mod list. I drive 1 for awhile until I get tired of it, then go switch it out for a different one for a spell. Turning mods on and off is easy peasy few clicks of the mouse. Doesnt bother me a bit. I been doing these trailers for so long im plum used to it. lol :)

  4. good work man !!

  5. solaris36

    Good job David!!! and….when you are collected 15 or 20 trailers skins….u know hehe. ;-)

    1. Thanks man! :) And yep I know, pack USA trailers volume 2! lol

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