DC Bourassa Peterbilt 579 + Trailer Skin Pack

Bourassa-1 Bourassa-2 Bourassa-3

Bourassa combo skin pack for Peterbilt 579. All cab versions work with my truck skin.

File includes my truck and trailer skins as well as the trailer itself.

Tested on

Only 1 of my skinned trailers from Stewowe can be activated per game session. If you have any other of my skinned trailers, please disable before enabling this mod. You will also need to disable my original Bourassa trailer if you currently have it active.

Truck & Trailer Skin – David Corley; Truck Template – ATS Mods Gaming; Trailer Mod – Stewowe


7 thoughts on “DC Bourassa Peterbilt 579 + Trailer Skin Pack

  1. awesome combo DC !!

  2. Another great combo set from the artist David Corley ! My library always has more room for these library greats. thanks dave

    1. Thanks James. I’m glad you like it man. :)

  3. I know the logo is kinda way up on top of the hi rise cab, but in order for the skin to work on all cabs I had to do it that way. When I brought the top logo closer down towards the front, it showed up on the back of the cab when you choose daycab. But hey, at least it works! :)

    1. hey DC….i have the same problems thats why i limit the truck decals to the company truck style i see pictured in front of me on the company site, most of the time they will fit other cab styles but i dont have the time to see if they fit all truck cab styles basically you get what you see :)

      1. I know exactly what you mean, man. I nearly did that on this one and almost stuck with just hi rise, but I recall in the past I drove day cabs on the T800 and it was a blast. So up went the logo! lol Sometimes for me its fun to go with the smaller cab instead of the huge cabs with sleepers. It was just a royal pain this time to get all cabs to work right until I figured it out. :)

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