DC – Arnold Trailer

Arnold-1 Arnold-2 Arnold-3

Arnold Transportation Services trailer for ATS.

File includes my trailer skin plus the trailer mod as well.

Tested on

Only 1 of my skinned Stewowe’s trailers can be activated per game session.

Mod manager ready.

Authors: Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


7 thoughts on “DC – Arnold Trailer

  1. great skin mate….

    1. Thanks man, i’m glad you like it. :)

  2. thanks guys for another combo. couldn’t be a better set of skinners who follow each others work to a pleasing end. keep em commin

    1. Thank you James, enjoy hauling this new addition man. I got it hooked up right now to Fid’s KW arnold truck skin. :)

  3. great skin. I actually drive for this company in real life so i have to get it

    1. Thank you man, I appreciate that. :)

  4. Andre Burton

    I was wonderind if you can do a request for me but not for this trailer.

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