Gooseneck Tank Trailer 20

Gooseneck-Tank-Trailer-20-1 Gooseneck-Tank-Trailer-20-2 Gooseneck-Tank-Trailer-20-3

– Standalone
– Two Skins
– Lights on Plate
– More Black Lights
– Adapted to load only 20 foot cargos

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SCS – Chassis Base
Lights on Plate – Solaris36
Wheels Chrome – Sib3rius
Base Tank – RoadHunter
Adaptation parts and rework to ATS – B4RT


17 thoughts on “Gooseneck Tank Trailer 20

  1. Thank you for this mod.
    I hope you expand the skins.
    containers are universal all over the world so this have to be in ATS.

    1. Yes my friend, more skin and containers, flatrack are coming in this trailer.

      1. Awesome thanks, Bart can you rework SCS containers and make realistic skins like maersk, evergreen, hapag-lloyd etc..

        1. Yes my friend really it’s a good idea! Thank’s

  2. scania_dragon

    Game (v is crashing if this mod is active.

    1. I think you have a conflicting mod works fine over here

      1. scania_dragon

        Have deactivated all other trailers now. Game ( crashes again.
        These errors are logged:
        00:00:05.545 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/trailer/goosetank_traffic.sii’, line 2:
        00:00:05.545 : Included at ‘/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_semi_trailer.goosetank.sii’, line 10:
        00:00:05.545 : [unit] The unit name ‘traffic.trailer.goosetank’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘traffic_trailer’).
        00:00:05.545 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_semi_trailer.goosetank.sii)

  3. Thanks for the news

  4. Many thanks B4RT
    Do you intend to update your other mods (Cozad lowbed, Wabash,Mac dump, Fontaine flat and moving van+++..) ?

  5. @B4RT,
    how is the w.i.p of the ” Fontaine Magnitude ” for ATS ?

    1. I’m Continues working on my friend!

  6. Great job B4RT

  7. B4RT there is a collision pb with Aradeth’s Volvo VNL 670
    I was unable to hook the trailer (sth invisible in the way) at 2 places (Elko and Pioche)
    Do you have an idea ?

  8. unable to hook the trailer with a original Kenny T680…only with 0(free roam camera) and then 9 automatically couples the trailer with the truck but that for a youtube video is a little bit nasty

  9. include the wheel for the greatdane trailer plz thx

  10. hey b4rt i send u some link for converting trailers but it didn’t show up in comment section can i message u privately? thx

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