Currency Pack v 1.0

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!!WARNING!! Will not work with economy mods.

Version 1.0
Added 24 new currencies which are listed below.
•Canadian Dollar
•Mexican Peso
•Swiss Franc
•Czech Koruna
•British Pound
•Polish Zloty
•Hungarian Forint
•Danish Krone
•Swedish Krona
•Norwegian Krona
•Australian Krona
•Indian Rupee
•Sinapore Dollar
•Japanese Yen
•Chinese Yuan Renminbi
•Bulgarian Lev
•Isle of Man Pound
•Croatian Kuna
•Icelandic Kuna
•Moldovan Leu
•Romanian Leu
•Serbian Dinar
•Russian Ruble
•Ukrainian Hryvnia

If there is a currency you would like to see let me know.



6 thoughts on “Currency Pack v 1.0

  1. Jackson Leandro Bettim dos Santos

    brazilian please

  2. Hello.+Can+you+add+Belarus+ruble(byn)?

  3. scania_dragon

    American Dollar please

    1. if you are referring to USD it is default in the game.

  4. PJ Drives

    Australian Krona?? Australia uses the dollar…

    1. That is actually a mistake…it is Australian Dollar don’t know why i put Krona

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