[Official] Momo’s Physics 6.1 Geometry

** IMPORTANT: You need a separate air suspension seat mod to work with this mod, choose an air seat of your chioce from the links below:

Choice 1: Air Ride A Series 1.0

Choice 2: Air Ride B Series 1.0

This is an official upload of Momo’s Physics 6.1 Geometry.

The video contains useful information of this mod, please watch to the end.


“Physics 6.1 Geometry” is a sequel of “Physics 6.0 Beat the Geometry” (ETS2). The newer version does not replace the older one because it contains major changes which many not be preferred by some users. So i decided to keep both versions available. (For ATS people you start with 6.1)


1. Improved the cabin pitch to a more realistic level.
2. Improved the front wheel suspension to be slightly firmer.
3. Removed the air suspension seat to be a separate mod of your choice as mentioned above.
4. Reduced the truck weight by 1 ton, from 8.5 to 7.5 tons correctly equal to real life trucks.

CHANGES FROM THE VANILLA GAME: (Technical data based on real life Scania R)

1. Increased truck turning radius (circle) to match real life trucks.
– This mod = 11.5 meters.
– Real life Scania R = 12.5 meters
– The vanilla = 8.5 meters
– Please be aware that you need more space to make a circle turn.

2. Increased steering ratio (steering degree : wheel turning degree)
– Real life truck = 20:1 or higher
– The vanilla = 12:1
– This mod = somewhere close to 20:1 (classified information)

3. Virtually increased steering wheel turning degree lock to lock:
– Real life truck = 4.9 turns (1800 degrees)
– The vanilla = 2.5 turns (900 degrees) same as your Logitech G25/27/29
– This mod = virtually increased higher than 2.5

4. The changes from 1 – 3 above result to a realistic, smooth steering as a real life car.

5. Realistic cabin movement as studied from real life trucks.

6. Realistic wheel suspensions.


In order to experience the full effect, you MUST do exactly this:

* This mod is optimized for 900 degree wheels.
* May not be suitable for keyboard/joypad.

– 100 % Steering sensitivity
– 0% – 50% Non linearity
– 0% Trailer Stability
– 100% Camera physics
– Give this mod the top priority, unless you know what you’re doing.
– Your steering wheel bundle software (if any) 50% sensitivity.


– Patch 1.29 compatible
– All SCS’s trucks compatible
– Harven’s FLB 2.0.1 compatible
– Odd Fellow’s FLD 1.5.5 compatible
– More modded trucks coming in the future
– Not compatible with other trucks (will not work correcrly)


By subscribing this mod, you have agreed that:

– If you want to re-upload anywhere else, you will use only links provided by me:


This mod is and will always be free of charge. However, tips are always appreciated.
You can donate by Paypal or Steam Wishlist/Trading Cards.


“Momo’s mods”


Momo, Yuna


9 thoughts on “[Official] Momo’s Physics 6.1 Geometry

  1. hi Momo! first let me say i enjoyed much watching your video, loved the music selection especially the music in the ats part (please please tell me the name of that instrumental song :) ) will try your mod as soon as i get home…

    pd. i did not imagine that you are a female… a very good looking one btw ;) Thanks!

  2. precisa de mais melhorias neste mod pois ele causa
    direção de algum caminhões dura
    e som ambiente interno na cabine muito redusido

  3. Deputydawg

    I don’t know which is sadder, the fact that you’re trying to flirt with her because you found out she’s female or that it matters whether she’s female or male when it comes to her releasing mods that improve the game play of ETS 2 or ATS .

    1. Look “pal” whether if you like it or not is not my problem, i dont care if what you think, i just felt i little surprised with the fact that there is a chick player and active modder, again dont give a f@ck what you think…

      Have a nice day and mind your own business..

      1. Deputydawg

        Man, I can’t even make a proper comment I’m laughing so hard. There are and have been female modders for a while, but they don’t make it public because of how desperate guys act when they find out a gamer is female. Have a great weekend though. Take care!

  4. Deputydawg

    Thank you, Momo and Yuna. The mod is a big improvement over the physics built into the game.

  5. Thanks! Great job, i have the “B” version. Tested with the Freightliner FLB 2.0

  6. definitely the best physics mod so far imo, although I would like to have an option for 1800 degrees steering wheel turning animation.

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