CTTM Kenworth W900A v1.46

-Updated animation models
-Fixed obsolete wheel_anim and wheel_anim_max error
-Adaptation of gps on latest version of the game
-Fixes wear error in dealer
-Compatibility for ATS 1.46

-Cabin: Double bunk,Daycab,Double Eagle,Flat Top,Mercury Sleeper
-9 Chassis: with paint options and low chassis
-8 Unique engine sounds
-6 Interiors: Daycab,Flat top/custom knobs,Brown interior/custom knobs
-Transmissions: 9,10,13,15,18 speed
-Custom tuning
-Accessories support

If you found some errors please report it on my official blog at https://soap98modding.blogspot.com

Update: soap98
CTTM, Cheesefan


4 thoughts on “CTTM Kenworth W900A v1.46

  1. McCoy Powell

    for some reason the steering wheel changes sizes when you turn

  2. leif knudsen

    It distroyed my game .#### !

  3. leif knudsen

    It destroyed my game .#### !

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