CTTM Peterbilt 379 v1.46.X

-Fixed apparent depth errors for the dashboard
-Updated gps/ui definition
-Remove obsolete files
-Steering wheel animation fixed
-fixed bugs

-21 Cabins options
-Chassis: 6×4/midlift, 8×4/midlift with paint options
-Engines: ISX, Cummins, CAT
-More transmissions
-4 Custom Interiors
-Custom tuning parts
-Cabin accessories support

Update: soap98
Credits: CTTM, Cheesefan


2 thoughts on “CTTM Peterbilt 379 v1.46.X

  1. What graphic mod are you using?

  2. Shaun Whiffen

    Hi this mod looks amazing, but i am not able to download and use the mod in game. Any help would be amazing thanks!

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