Colombian Death Road Map Mod (Mapa Mapkalo) ATS 1.39,1.40

Colombia Map – is 1:1 scale map with real routes and including all big Colombian cities. This map replaces the original map from ATS game with the country of Colombia.

Colombia Map v2.0 for ATS game

Features Colombia Map:
– Dangerous Roads
– includes all big Colombian cities
– detailed roads
– standalone Map
– nice landscapes
– real scale map 1:1

Changes in v2.0:
– New Death Road Added in Map
– fixed bugs from previous version

Tested on game version 1.39,1.40.x

Kaloma Restrepo Yepes

DOWNLOAD 1020 MB [Mirror]

12 thoughts on “Colombian Death Road Map Mod (Mapa Mapkalo) ATS 1.39,1.40


      una pregunta toca descargar las dos partes o una sola me responden porfa

  1. Hello!
    More roads and city broken. Is normal?
    Good map, but more mapping bugs.

  2. Erik wigins

    No garages on map hard to buy modded trucks with no garages

  3. Witam nie działa mi dodałem do mod założyłem nowy profil myślałem że trzeba wybrać mapę ale nic nie było a gdy włączam grę to wczytuje się podstawowa mapa ATS co trzeba zrobic

    1. AndyGallacher

      Ja też mam ten problem

  4. AndyGallacher

    I know very well how to add a stand alone map but this map will not show up, I don’t get the option to choose it as the module is grey’d out doesn’t matter if I have steam cloud ticked or unticked the only map option I have is grey’d out California

    1. I hear ya Bro. Some people claim to have awesome maps. Just how many LIARS are we dealing with? If I could find some kinda Modding Software, I’d make my own #### maps and other features. If you see this, keep in touch. Seems to me, you’vwe had the same #### as me. For quite some time. Be well, friend and fellow sufferer!!

      Wolfie. UK.

  5. AndyGallacher

    This link is just for a truck or bus…. there’s only one file

  6. luis alberto

    no e podido instalar el mapa parece que no es compatible para americam truck 1.40

  7. And one fine day, I’ll actually find a map that works, as alleged. COS THIS ONE DOESN’T. You cant find it on the ###### map and there’s no connecting roads or ferry ports. JUST ### DUDES!!!???

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