Coast to Coast v 2.7

Mantrid – South Carolina Improvements & Charlotte NC
ShirBlackspots – Texas improvements
Bobtavenger – Glenwood Canyon (Colorado)
Long Haul Gamer – Updated Walcott,Iowa with more industry

Two additional Special Transport jobs have been added Orlando to Gainesville (by Mantrid) and Gulfport to Birmingham (by Jbte, modified by Mantrid).

This map is for ATS v1.34 and requires both OR & NM DLC



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10 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v 2.7

  1. can u make it to where we dont have to have the dlc’s i am on a disability and cant afford the dlc’s and fixin to quit playing out of roads on stock game.. just thought i would ask thanks

    1. there’s a version that doesn’t need dlcs

      no new content though

    2. There is an old version that does not require any DLCs, but is has not had any new content in a long time.
      Have a read of this:

  2. Charles14

    Good job!

  3. tarheel007

    i have nm dlc so will it work even though i do not have Oregon dlc??

    1. No, but there is also an old version for NM only, refer to the forum link above

  4. MaverickII

    Doesn’t come up in mod manager for me and I have extracted it to the mods folder. What have I done wrong?

  5. hello
    map a little poor in landscape

  6. El_Horhay

    Hey Mantrid I’ve found a crash on I-70 east bound between moab and Denver, right around the halfway point i believe. West bound works out pretty good but I did notice a rather good bump around the same location. May be a fault on my end but just thought id let you know

  7. Hola tengo una duda tengo la versión del ats actualizado tengo el dlc de oregon y nm pero el juego lo tengo en portable si me correrá bien esque es la primera vez que instalo este mod

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