CanaDream v 2.8.3 [1.34.x]

Coast to Coast map minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash
Changes: Various Bug Fixes – Too many to list.

Version 2.8.3:
[Compatible ATS 1.34]
[Compatible C2C]
[Add .sui system files for more compatibility with other mods]

ManiaX, Long Haul Gamer


10 thoughts on “CanaDream v 2.8.3 [1.34.x]

  1. Clicking on the download link directs you to website and geneate a link which locks up your computer with Microsoft Support site which is fake.

    1. Hi! Is fake account! Go to SCS Forum for real mod! This mod is bad version!

  2. Stolen mod in SCS Forum! Reported!


  4. yannick (RoaDKiLLeR70)

    fake or not its crashing the game

  5. DuckDuckGone

    Please don’t try to mod if you don’t know what you’re doing. This game is boring enough without all this sort of ####.

  6. xXxGamerProxXx

    No entiendo porque existe tanta gente mensa, que solo comentan por comentar!
    el link de descarga funciona a la perfección otra cosa es que no saben usar una pc

  7. Truckercharly

    Game crashes with many errors in the log. Canadream for 1.34 is´nt exist at this moment. It is no version in scs-forum to find by the author.

  8. Need updated for 1.35 and also Canadream map.

    1. Oops,lol,meant also for C2C map.

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