CB Radio police/fire/ems/HAM

here i have tried to make a cb radio list sii file, some can be a little silent (less busy than others), has fire/police/ems/ham radios, AZ, CA, NM, NV, OR and WA, i have set bitrate to 1 so it groups them (easier to find). if they dont work (working for me) just comment which and i will try again (image for upload purposes only)



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5 thoughts on “CB Radio police/fire/ems/HAM

  1. i made this, i would like to add that it maybe possible to add more from smaller areas in the states,my focus was whats in the game and the bigger towns/cities.
    it has the following

    Arizona Highway Patrol|AZ Flagstaff
    Flagstaff Fire and EMS|AZ Flagstaff
    Phoenix Police|AZ Phoenix
    West Valley Police/Fire|AZ Phoenix
    Tucson Police Dispatch|AZ Tucson
    Bakersfield Police/Fire/EMS|CA Bakersfield
    Fresno Police/Fire/EMS|CA Fresno
    Los Angeles Police/Fire|CA Los Angeles
    Oakland Police Dispatch|CA Oakland
    Sacramento Sheriff/City Police|CA Sacramento
    Los Angeles Renegade Repeater|HAM|
    Oregon Repeater|HAM|
    California/Canada/11 States|HAM|
    Albuquerque/Bernalillo Public Safety|NM Albuquerque
    Las Vegas and Clark County Fire|NV Las Vegas
    Reno Police/Fire|NV Reno
    Nevada Highway Patrol|NV Reno
    Crook/Jefferson Public Safety|OR Bend|
    Lincoln Sheriff/Fire/EMS|OR Newport
    Portland Police/Sheriff Dispatch|OR Portland
    Salem/Keizer Police|OR Salem
    Lower Columbia (incidents)|WA Counties
    Seattle Police/Fire/EMS|WA Seattle
    Spokane Sheriff/Fire/Police|WA Spokane
    Tacoma Fire and Rescue|WA Tacoma
    Yakima/County Police/Fire/EMS|WA Yakima

  2. Went to the radio stations part and it kept skipping every cb station.

    1. thanks, i will update

  3. updated, hopefully i can keep it sync’d this way without having to do a new download link


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