New Retarder Sound for all Trucks and Sounds Rework

Version: 1.0.

– Change all standart scs trucks retarder sounds.
– Increased jake brake sounds for all trucks.
– Future updates new engine sounds for mod and standart trucks.
– have fun.

Version 1.1.
– ıncreased jake sound for all trucks.
– added telma retarder sound.
– adapted 1.35.
ıf you love my sound mods you can support me for next mods
webmoney wme:E895382052601



One thought on “New Retarder Sound for all Trucks and Sounds Rework

  1. Every time I do a sound mod(retarder/jake) I always lose my horns.WHY???I put it at top of list.I only have one airhorn-new-2.0 horn mod.

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