Cargo Pack for Real Shipping Container Companies 1.38

Hello friends,
This is a container cargo pack mod for ATS.
This pack includes cargo pack of top 15 Real container
shipping companies all around the globe.
There are total 16 types of container in this pack.
Freight Market and Cargo Market (for Owned Gooseneck and Flatbed Trailer) Support added.
Please Read Mod Description Carefully.

Container Types are listed below:
40ft containers are:
APM Maersk, CMA CGM, Matson, MSC, Evergreen, Yang Ming, ZIM,
Hapag-Lloyd, ONE, OOCL, APL & HMM
20ft double containers are:
APM Maersk, Hamburg Sud, P&O NedLloyd
Unique features of this mod:
**Rusty, dented, scratchy textures on all containers.
**Weight Chart is added to the backside of containers.
**Several signs and real like container tracking serial number also added.
**Less Road More Income.
** All DLC maps are supported(Idaho Partially Supported).
**Important Note**
Freight Market Note: If you see a Blank Container in Job menu list that you want
to take as a job , then visit the company and and choose the appropriate container by clicking
the Small Gear Icon in Job thumbnail

Cargo Market Note(To avoid Blank Trailer Issue):
In order to take job from Cargo market, Upgrade/Buy following Chassis and Configuration:
SCS Gooseneck Container carrier: Upgrade to “40ft Extendable” Chassis.
SCS Flatbed Trailer: Upgrade to “45ft, Front” type Chassis and then
go to trailer accessories menu and upgrade to “Aluminium Wall” trailer front accessory.
Tested on 1.38 & supports 1.37
In case of re-upload use the original sharemod link
Thank You.

Mods Studio 2, Satyanwesi


9 thoughts on “Cargo Pack for Real Shipping Container Companies 1.38

  1. Scott David Mccamley

    do they show up in ai traffic if not please update to add to traffic if if so please add more ai skin traffic packs like this one good stuff buddy anyway hope to see more work ive been after someone for 2 weeks now to start making packs for the game as there is to many scs own trailer tarffic now and not real compines

    1. Ok. I will start working on AI traffic. Thanks for your suggestions.

      1. Scott David Mccamley

        thank you so much im been after someone to do a ai pack for few weeks now u dont mind i have ai traffic stuff im after like usa fast food places and major shops and drink logos like sprite fanta red bull so on so on for food wendys popeyes maccas kfc pizza hut taco bell just to name a few the old packs dont work with 1.38 now so would be great to see even if it takes more then 1 pack to do them

  2. i just want to say i love love ur work. but i am having a problem, the container is not showing on the trailer. when i pick up the load all i am seeing is an empty chassis. so i just want to know, why is that so?

    1. Thank you very much. I have written down the instructions at “Important Note” section. Make sure you have correct trailer configurations.

  3. RichardHeade

    Yes, cannot use them for quick jobs, they don’t all appear on the trailers, only the blue CGM 40ft, but, none of the others.

    1. As you said. I will take a look again in the mod definition files. If I find any problem I will add a fix for sure. Thanks for your feedback

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