Shipping Container Cargo Pack + AI Traffic v2.2 by Satyanwesi ATS 1.38

Hello friends,
This is a container cargo pack mod for ATS.
Mod version updated to v2.2
This pack includes cargo pack of top 24 Real container
shipping companies all around the globe including AI vehicles.
There are total 28 types of container in this pack.
Freight Market and Cargo Market(for Owned Gooseneck and Flatbed Trailer) Support added.
Please Read Mod Description Carefully.
Container Types are listed below:
40ft containers are:
APM Maersk, APL, CAI, CMA CGM, Cosco, Cronos, Evergreen, Hamburg Sud, Hanjin, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai, K Line,
Matson, MSC, NYK Line, ONE, OOCL, P&O|NedLloyd, Pacific Internationals Ltd(PIL), Safmarine, Seaco, UASC, Yang Ming & ZIM.
20ft double containers are:
APM Maersk, Hamburg Sud, P&O NedLloyd
Unique features of this mod:
**Rusty, dented, scratchy textures on all containers.
**Weight Chart is added to the backside of containers.
**Several signs and real like container tracking serial number also added.
** All DLC maps are supported(Idaho Partially Supported).
1. Added +10 variants of new 40ft Containers.
2. Added 20 types of AI traffic Containers.
3. Design improvement on every container. New look on several containers.
4. Maersk, Hamburg Sud, P&O|Nedlloyd & PIL containers now have both 40ft and 2x20ft variants of containers.
And much more.
[blue]Freight Market Note: If you see a Blank Container in Job menu list that you want
to take as a job , then visit the company and and choose the appropriate container by clicking
the Small Gear Icon in Job thumbnail
Cargo Market Note(To avoid Blank Trailer Issue):
In order to take job from Cargo market, Upgrade/Buy following Chassis and Configuration:
SCS Gooseneck Container carrier: Upgrade to “40ft Extendable” Chassis.
SCS Flatbed Trailer: Upgrade to “45ft, Front” type Chassis and then
go to trailer accessories menu and upgrade to “Aluminium Wall” trailer front accessory.
**Supported Game version: 1.38 only.
***No support for 1.37 due to AI traffic changes.
****For original mod link please visit or SCS Forum. If you want to share this mod please use original sharemods link.
If you like my work and want to help by donating
here is my paypal:
Thank You.

Satyanwesi, Mods Studio 2


6 thoughts on “Shipping Container Cargo Pack + AI Traffic v2.2 by Satyanwesi ATS 1.38

  1. Nice mod, but most of the containers have the same weight: 39.863 lbs.

    1. Well, that is not any issue. You can simply edit those cargo def files and put the weight value you want. But keep the limit within +2000lb to -2000.

      1. Ah, ok, thx. So I’ve a bit work to do ;-).

  2. I would like the freight values to be more real, smaller, because they are equal to or greater than the values of transport / special loads

  3. How or what do I do to install this mod ?

  4. Could you please update this mod? It;s not dispalying correctly in game. Flatbed trailers are empty

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